Tuesday, August 30, 2011

To Brie, or not to Brie

This is my first try at Brie. I've been debating about this a long time -- to Brie or not to Brie.

Well, I broke down and did it.

Brie /ˈbriː/ is a soft cow cheese named after Brie, the French region from which it originated (roughly corresponding to the modern département of Seine-et-Marne). It is pale in color with a slight grayish tinge under a rind of white mold; very soft and savory with a hint of ammonia. The whitish moldy rind is typically eaten, the flavor quality of which depends largely upon the ingredients used and its manufacturing environment.

How to make Brie

What you'll need. I made this from 6 gallons of milk, so you can adjust your ingredients accordingly.

- 6 Gallons raw or non ultra-pasteurized milk

- 3/8 tsp Penicilium Candium

- 3/4 tsp mesophilic starter

- 3 tablets (3/4 tsp) rennet

- non-iodized salt or kosher salt

1) Sterilize all equipment

2) Pasteurise milk, if necessary by heating to 145°F and keeping at that heat for 30 minutes. The time and temperature are critical. Place in ice bath and bring down to 88°F

3) Put on stove, no heat.

4) Sprinkle Penicilium Candium on top

5) Sprinkle mesophilic on top

6) Let sit 5 minutes

7) Mix well with up.down motion for 1 minute

8) Add rennet

9) Mix well with up/down motion for 1 minute. Top stir for 1 minute.

10) Cover and let sit 1 1/2 hours while maintaining temp.

11) Check for clean break

12) Cut into 1 inch cubes

13) Let stand 5 minutes

14) Stir curds slowly for 5-10 minutes (more of a lift and move than a stir)

15) Strain off whey with a measuring cup (do not pour)

16) Ladle curds into molds.

17) Let curds drain for 2 hours.

18) Flip molds by putting a cutting board on top and flipping.

19) Let sit 2 hours.

20) Flip again.

21) Let sit 2 hours.

22) Let sit overnight for 12 hours.

23) Flip again

24) Let sit 12 hours.

25) Salt one side with 1-2 tsp salt.

26) Flip.

27) Salt other side with 1-2 tsp salt.

28) Let sit 2 hours.

29) Ripen in cave with lid to keep humidity in.

30) Flip daily.

31) After 1 week, a white rind will form.

32) After fully covered in white rind (roughly 12 days), wrap in cheese ripening paper.

33) Let age 4-5 weeks.

34) Move to fridge. The colder weather will slow ripening.

35) Enjoy up to 6 weeks after moved to fridge.


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